Federation of Laser Masters

Federation of Laser Masters

Technology - Lasermaster Game + Laser Tag Camp
Includes 2 sessions and Laser Tag during a break (All-In-The-Morning)
Hosted By: Collingwood School Morven Campus (High School)

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Watch a student demo his game that he made in this video below.


Students play outside on our Empire Buy Game Set during the second session.

Theme: 4 Mini Camps:

Overview of Camp: Mix of intellectual concentration with fun games.

Mini Camp 1: C Programming in the first half of the mornings. Jump-start knowledge before high school & University. We introduce 2d game software programming, using an intuitive interface, Atari Incís lite-C language. Developing for virtual reality applications that run very fast - 2D or 3D computer animated games. Spend time learning game industryís leader, C language first! Students receive all software for projects at the end of the camps on DVD

Mini Camp 2: Laser Tag game for an outside break

Mini Camp 3: Lasermaster Game instruction and tournament second half of the morning Lasermaster Game, Brain Candy: Learn two games at the same time. Lessons which includes Lasermaster Game + chess moves and advance strategies. Then a fun tournament, includes (Trophies & Certificates) for high achievers and participants

Mini Camp 4: Web Page Design, build your own web pages

Instructors: Peter W. Embleton

Graduate from a Software Support programme, is currently a software programmerís assistant, and webmaster. Very much enjoys working as a specialist with children to help develop their problem solving skills since 1993. Is currently president of Federation of Laser Masters since 1998, organizing 10 school programmes with 200 children up to grade 7. Likes to mix having Fun with learning. Currently one of two highest active Lasermaster game players.

Age Group: Grade 1 to Grade 12. Two groups of campers will be separated, first D'commanders group younger campers, second Conquerors group older campers.

Collingwood Summer Camps

Session 1: July 2nd to 5th 2019
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Session 2: August 6th to 9th 2019
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Email: Peter W. Embleton for Friends Family Discount that includes cousins... E-mail: folm@lasermaster.org (Peter W. Embleton)

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For further information call Mr. Peter Embleton at: (604) 294-5662

E-mail: folm@lasermaster.org (Peter Embleton)