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Comments from School Principals, School Secretaries, PAC Presidents, Parents and Students made about this programme.

Private School Head Master - Hi Peter, What a terrific result. I had an excited parent share the news with me yesterday. Peter, I continue to be amazed by how far you bring our young students each year. They absolutely love the challenges that your Lasermaster program provides. CONGRATULATIONS on another banner year.

Public School Principal - Dear Peter, Thanks again for your email. Great to hear that you will be bringing your program to Chartwell again. We are very fortunate to have you.

PARENT - Subject: RE: Aubrey School's Lasermaster Game + Mathematics Classes 1st Discovery Adventure 2011deda
Hello, The boys took their enrollment form in today. They are excited to get started again! Thank you,

PARENT - Hi Commander Peter,While Nathan has registered for Lasermaster Iíam afraid he will not be attending the first week (Wed Sept 21, 2011) as he will be away on vacation. He is looking forward to seeing you the following Wednesday however. Kind regards 

PARENT- Hello, Marcus would love to join again.

PARENT - Thank you very much for this great welcome. Alexander is really looking forward to Lasermasterís.

PARENT - Hello Peter, This is a request for student of Collingwood school , Grade 3 to be enrolled into the lasermaster course. We will submit the form and check to the school . We hope its not too late for this student to meet a wonderful team and enjoy learning environment.

SCHOOL SECRETARY - Hi Peter, I have had a lot students interest in Lasermaster. I have 30 students signed up so far. Should I start up a wait list or can you accept more students.

PARENT - Hi there, I am inquiring about the Lasermaster School Enrichment Programme offered at Our Lady of Fatima school... my son is in Grade 1 but he doesn't know how to play lasermaster or chess or anything... he is also a bit of a poor loser when it comes to playing games... I am wondering whether children in Grade 1 have much success learning to play and whether it teaches them about game playing and winning/losing with grace etc. Please advise...

PARENT - Hello, I'd like to register my daughter, in Grade1, to Lasermaster D'Commanders 3:05 ~ 4:35pm if it's still available. I'll drop off form and cheque to school secretary (reception) at 2:30pm today. My daughter is so excited to take this course!!! Please email me back about acceptance. Thanks,

PUBLIC SCHOOL PRINCIPAL - Peter, I have taken a look at the site and it looks quite interesting. I do not see the need to meet after all. Please make arrangements for library rental on Mondays. Thanks, I look forward to seeing the club in action.

PAC PRESIDENT - Hello Peter and Josephine, an associate and I are interested in offering Lasermaster Game + Mathematics at Caulfeild for 8 weeks from the week of September 26, 2:40-4:10. We are flexible on our day. Would you be able to accommodate our school. If so we will proceed like we have in the past and post your registration on our school web site unless you are able to register the students online. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions. Thank you.

PRIVATE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL FOR GIFTED STUDENTS - Dear Peter, Thank you for your prompt reply. Please continue the sessions at 1pm on Wednesdays. We don't want to lose Lasermaster game! Best wishes

PAC PRESIDENT - Hi Josephine and Peter, Thank you very much for you generous Lasermaster game gift to our family. Our son will be delighted Christmas morning! Our principal, handed out the trophies and certificates to the players on Friday. The children were very pleased and most are planning on returning next session. Have a happy holiday. Regards

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For further information call Mr. Peter Embleton at: (604) 294-5662

E-mail: folm@lasermaster.org (Peter Embleton)