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Question: How long are the Lasermaster School Programme sessions?
Answer: The sessions are usually one and a half hours long.

Question: Can I use the fees for a TAX credit?
Answer: Yes you can. Keep the top potion of the enrollment form after you have entered the amount you have paid.
The title of the credit is; Children's Arts Tax Credit (CATC). Click Children's Arts Tax Credit Web Site

Question: How many programmes are there through the year?
Answer: There are three Discovery Adventures, which follow the seasons of the year, Fall, Winter, Spring. Each adventure is usually 8 sessions long. For the whole year you can receive 24 sessions.

Question: Do you have summer camps?
Answer: Yes we organize Technology - Lasermaster Game + Laser Tag Summer Camp (4 mini camps all in one day camp). Grades 1 to 7.
(Mini Camp 1) We teach beginners software game programming using light C language Conitic's Game Studio. With this knowledge students can get a jump start on their C language programming skills right into University.
(Mini Camp 2) Lasermaster game and computer games.
(Mini Camp 3) Outside Laser Tag.
(Mini Camp 4) Web Page development using Adobe's Dreamweaver application. Click Here - Technology - 4 mini Camps

Question: Are students taught strategy?
Answer: Yes, we teach strategy. We also teach chess strategy in our Lasermaster Game + Mathematics classes.

Question: How much do the Programme's cost?
Answer: There are three Discovery Adventures through the year, each adventure usually includes eight sessions one and half hours long. The sessions are once a week throughout the year. Programme includes instruction on how to play, mathematics puzzle book instruction and correction by instructor in class. Near the middle of the Programme instructors will organize a competition which high achievers will earn trophies and certificates for all participants. The cost of each adventure download an enrollment form and print it. Enroll Here

Question: How do we play the game of Lasermaster?
Answer: It is based on traditional chess with added aerial tactic, using simulated laser feature to reflect the 21st century space age 3-D board game. Click on How To Play link to see demonstration videos of the rules..

Question: Do we need to have the Mathematical Lasermaster Game Puzzles - workbook in the class at all times?
Answer: Yes, the workbook's puzzles are used to help keep students focused while they are waiting for every other competition game to finish.

Question: Where do we register for the Programme?
Answer: On the starting day of any Programme you can register by printing the Enroll Here from this web site and bring it to the instructor or send it with your child in a sealed envelope. Also you can pay using our credit card merchant account. An email receipt will be sent to you.

Question: What is the difference between Lasermaster game and chess?
Answer: Lasermaster game is based on the wonderful game of chess, the Lasermaster game is very interesting because each unit is equipped with a simulated laser charge on it. This laser can be activated at targets on the board. The laser can only be activated in directions of traditional patterns of chess but the Lasermaster game unit does not have to move. Also each game unit can move only using the same patterns as chess. However, when units move capture, the capturing unit up-loads captured laser charges.

Question: How can we have the Lasermaster classes in our school?
Answer: Meet with your principal, talk about the Programme; ask him or her to give us a call. Then notify us about your meeting, we will follow up on your conversation with the principal of the school.

Question: Can we play on a team?
Answer: Get involved in a Lasermaster Game Programme in school and your school can then challenge another school to a competition.

Question: How do we get our Lasermaster game results to improve?
Answer: Play another commander that is enrolled into the programme that has higher points than you, and win the game.

Question: Can we play on line?
Answer: No, you cannot right now. We are working on it, and you should be able to play online sometime in the future. Send us your e-mail, we can notify you when you can play online. You can play Lasermaster using our new software in 2 of our instructors classes only.

Question: Where can we buy a Lasermaster Buy Game Set and other Lasermaster game products?
Answer: You can buy from these Retail Stores on this web site. Give them a call first and go and get one. Your instructor may be able to pick one up for you also, just ask


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