Federation of Laser Masters

Federation of Laser Masters (Society)
Lasermaster Game Trade Mark
President: Peter William Embleton

Lasermaster Game + Mathematics Enrichment Programme Enrollment Page
at Porter Elementary School Coquitlam BC Canada

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Download the enrollment form by clicking the link below, give it to our instructors.

Click Here to download enrollment form for Laser Master Game + Math programme at Porter Elementary School Coquitlam .pdf

School Name: 
Re-enrollment tuition fee: $
New enrollment tuition fee: $
25% off tuition for second family member.
50% off tuition for third family member. 
Staff enrollment tuition Fee.
A new enrollment includes a one time fee of $30 for a math puzzle book. 

AGREEMENT: By clicking the Buy Now button you agree to have your child's first and last name and rating associated with this programme published.

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